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In the Market for a Women’s Beach Cruiser?

You’ve come to the right place! Known for our huge selection and amazing customer service, Beach Bike Outlet has both single speed and multi-speed cruisers for you to choose from. From lower-cost entry level models to high-end cruisers and everything in between, hundreds of beach cruisers are in stock and ready for shipment to you.

How to Choose the Women’s Beach Cruiser that’s Right for You

Of course, with so many choices it can be difficult to choose just one. To help you narrow it down to the one perfect bike for you, we recommend you consider the following:

  • How tall are you? Standard-size women’s cruiser bikes have a 26” wheel and are designed for women who from 5’ to 6’4” tall. Junior-size women’s cruiser bikes have a 24” wheel and are designed for women who are between 4’3” and 5’3” tall. We find that most women who are in that overlap height zone (5’ to 5’3” tall), are happier with the standard-size bike (although there’s always a chance that you would be more comfortable with the 24” model).

  • Where will you be riding? These are recreational bikes. Single speed cruisers are great for things like a weekend twirl through the city, a nice ride along the beach, or a family ride. If you’re likely to be hitting a lot of hills (and you’re not a glutton for punishment), we recommend you consider one of the 3-speed or 7-speed women’s cruiser bikes available here.

  • Do you live near the beach? Most women’s beach cruisers have steel frames. But if you actually live near the beach, an aluminum frame bike might be a better choice. Aluminum is lighter and more weather-resistant, and is less likely to get corroded by the salty ocean air.

  • Do you like to pedal backwards? The single speed cruiser bikes all have coaster brakes. The 3-speed cruiser bikes generally have both coaster brakes and front hand brakes. So single speed and 3-speed cruisers are forward-pedaling only. If you want to be able to pedal backwards, get a 7-speed model, which usually come outfitted with front and rear hand brakes.

  • What’s your budget? If you’re budget conscious you can’t go wrong with a Firmstrong Urban, a classic beach cruiser. The Micargi Tahiti is also quite popular, and it has all the flash that women look for. If you have just a little more to spend we really like the Firmstrong Chief. The Chief’s extended frame makes it easy to get good arm and leg extension, which makes for a more comfortable ride.

  • What’s your favorite color? Women’s beach cruisers are available in everything from classic black, white and red to pink, yellow, green, neon colors, and more.

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