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Make Your Cruiser Uniquely Yours

One of the really fun things about beach cruisers and the beach cruiser lifestyle is that there are practically endless ways that you can customize your ride. In addition to all of the different options you have with all of the cruiser parts that are available, Beach Bike Outlet also has a mind-boggling selection of beach cruiser accessories and gear. All the funky, cool stuff that you’ll never find at the average bike shop is available here.

You can pick a theme, such as “skull,” “flowers,” “happy face,” “leopard print,” or “neon,” and try to coordinate everything from your bike bell to your seat cover to your decals. Or you can mix and match for an even more irreverent look. The choice is yours!

Get a Basket to Carry Your Stuff

A full selection of bicycle baskets is available, including mounted, quick release and hanging models. You can choose from a big variety of materials, too, including metal, wicker, faux rattan (plastic that looks like wicker), fabric, bamboo and wood. Not sure which to choose? Consider the size and weight of the things you want to carry. If your cargo is likely to weigh more than 10 pounds, you’ll need a mounted basket. And don’t forget to pick out a basket liner while you’re here!

Play it Safe with Helmets, Locks, Lights and Bells

If you’re going to ride a beach cruiser or any other type of bicycle, we strongly recommend that you wear a helmet. In many places (such as here in California), it’s the law for everyone under 18. Bicycle lights are a must if you’re going to be out riding after dark, and bicycle locks are highly recommended for anyone who plans to let their beach cruiser out of their sight. While bells are a great safety feature (it’s nice to give others a warning that you’re coming up behind them), the nearly 200 bicycle bells and horns available here come in such fun designs that we’d recommend them even if they were just decorative!

Have Fun Pimping Your Ride

There are so many ways to pimp your ride that it’s hard to know where to start! We’ve got seat covers, cup holders, streamers, decals, grips, Cruiser Candy, mufflers, bling valve caps and more. Planning a trip to Burning Man this year? You’ll definitely want to wrap your cruiser’s frame in Bike Glow (available in eight eye-catching colors) and pop some Tire Sparks on your valve stems. The brighter the better!

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