Bicycle Helmets

The Best Bicycle Helmets Available Protect Your Head! What do we call someone who chooses not to wear a bicycle helmet? Foolish. We don’t care if you’ve always gone without a bicycle helmet or if you grew up back in the dark days before bicycle helmets were popular and readily available. Bicycle helmets are designed to protect one of your most valuable assets: your head. Take a good spill without one, and your head can suffer some serious – and possibly even fatal – damage. So stop whining and put on your helmet! And if you’re under 18 and live in California (where Beach Bike Outlet is located), wearing a bike helmet isn’t a choice; it’s the law. Beach Bike Outlet carries a full selection of the best bicycle helmets around, including traditional style helmets and the extremely popular Nutcase line. We’ve got helmets for babies, kids and adults. We even have a bicycle helmet visor to help keep the sun out of your face while you ride. Choose a Bicycle Helmet that Fits Your Personality Luckily, head protection does not have to come at the cost of looking good. We especially like the Nutcase helmets. They’ve got an adjustable dial in the back to make it easy to get a good fit, and have a magnetic clasp so you won’t have to worry about pinching your chin when you strap it on. But beyond the technical specs, we like Nutcase bike helmets because they’re fun. Some of our current favorites include the Glo-Brain, bright yellow Dazed & Amused, Got Luck? 4-leaf clover, Ring of Fire, Purple Petals, and Watermelon designs. Another popular option is to choose a solid color helmet to match the color of your cruiser, for the ultimate in color coordination! Get a Good Fit Of course, it won’t do you any good to wear a bicycle helmet – no matter how attractive that helmet is – if the helmet doesn’t fit properly. Here’s how to properly fit your bicycle helmet: Got questions? Give us a call at 1-877-955-2453. We’re here for you! 1. Measure Your Head — To determine which size helmet to buy, measure the circumference of your head and then use the information on our product specification pages to choose the right size helmet for your head measurement (keeping in mind that helmet sizes can vary by manufacturer and style). 2. Try the Helmet On — Position the helmet level on your head and low on your forehead. It should be one or two finger-widths above your eyebrows. Use the sizing pads that come with the helmet to create a secure and comfortable fit. Your helmet should fit snuggly, and should not rock from side to side. 3. Adjust the Side Straps — The side straps should form a “V” shape under and slightly in front of your ears. If possible, lock the slider after adjusting it. 4. Buckle Up — Adjust the chin straps so that the left buckle is centered under the chin. Tighten the strap until it is snug enough so that no more than one or two fingers can be inserted between the strap and your skin.


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