Micargi Cruisers

An Industry Leader in Affordable Beach Cruiser Bikes

Known for their wallet-friendly prices and vast array of designs and models, Micargi makes both classic and unique beach cruisers that are sure to please. Micargi has been around for years, and keeps tight control over its products by doing all manufacturing in-house in their own factory.

Beach Bike Outlet carries everything from their 20” kids’ cruisers all the way up to their 7-1/2-foot-long stretch cruisers. Scroll through our Micargi page to get a feel for all of the choices that this popular brand offers. Micargi has something for everyone!

Micargi Cruisers with both Men’s and Women’s Versions

  • Micargi Cougar GTS — A sleek chrome cruiser that’s guaranteed to turn heads.

  • Micargi Onyx — A sleek entry-level cruiser with a black frame, white wall tires and red rims.

  • Micargi Pantera — An entry-level cruiser with classic styling and a smooth ride and feel. Available models include men’s 24”, 26”, GTS and 7-speed 26”; women’s 24”, 26” and 7-speed 26”.

  • Micargi Rover — Available models include men’s 24”, GT, GX, GX 24”, LX, LX 24”, NX3, NX3 24”, 7-speed, and Stealth GX (an all-black version); women’s 7-speed 24” or 26” , GX 24” or 26” , LX 24” or 26” , LX 7-speed 24” or 26”, and NX3 24” or 26”.

  • Micargi Tahiti — Available models for this classically-styled cruiser include men’s single speed, 7-speed, LX, LX 24”, LX 7-speed 24” and NX3; women’s single speed 26”, 7-speed 24”, LX 24” or 26”, LX 7-speed 24”, and NX3 26”.

  • Micargi Tivola 24” — A smaller-framed cruiser with classic styling and modern components.

  • Micargi Touch — An entry-level cruiser available in a choice of colors.

Men’s Cruisers

Women’s Cruisers

Kids’ Cruisers


Stretch Cruisers


  • Micargi Island Tandem — What’s more fun than a cruiser built for one? A cruiser built for two! Equipped with 18-speed Shimano gearing and adjustable to fit a wide range of riders.


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